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Why Tangled Love Photography?

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Everyone has a movie scene that inspires them, it defines moments in their lives and makes them feel like they are understood. For me, that moment was in the Disney movie "Tangled". You know the the boat, with all of the lanterns with the song "See the Light" by Mandy Moore...that's the one!

Let me give you a little backstory first...When I started my journey as a photographer in 2001, I was completely solo. I learned solo and I shot solo. I still do a lot of my work solo however weddings are a big part of the business. My family is a huge part in my life. We operated as Melanie Daler Photography for years but then...

My husband began to come with me, mostly to assist and make sure I was eating and drinking enough water, but in the meantime, he picked up a camera...and he was a natural. Since then a few things have happened. First, He started shooting with me regularly for 2 photographe booked weddings and we mesh so well and think the same with the same fun and professional manor. Then, I thought eventually one of my 5 kids would possibly follow in my footsteps and join the team, and be a natural as well, therefore I revamped the business name so that we could add more teams to include my husband and kids and they wouldn’t have to operate under Moms name lol.

So, Tangled Love is the new name to Melanie Daler Photography because this is so much more than just me being a photographer. We see the light literally and figuratively. My life is evolving into a life that I feel alive in, I am tangled in a web of love, support from my family, friends and clients from the last 20 years and I am so excited to continue many years of capturing memories for all of you!

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